Hi there .. this website is not being updated anymore ... so hope you like the photos as none of the artworks presented here (or almost 99.999% of it) does not exist anymore ... have a great life! 

For that reason you will not find too much information on this website about streets where certain street art is/was located….the reason is simple, most likely it is not there anymore…not even streets look the same...

......…. In a certain way looking at this website is just like looking at stars….when we look at stars we are looking billions of years into the past, at stars that may not exist anymore, depending how far away they are from us......ok, you will not find here a billion year old street art :-) but definitely you will be looking into the past.....

The energy which artists, not only from London or the UK but from all over the world, are putting in creating amazing street art works on streets of London is incredible. Hence, it is very sad to see how quickly most of it is disappearing from the walls of London.  As photography is my great passion and I love street art as well, I have decided to create this website and extend the life of London street art - at least the small part which I can capture with my camera. Also, I want to show the other dimension of this great city which is well-known for many of its landmarks but maybe not that well for the street art.

This website was created by using photos which I personally shoot - the best I can - any case, I hope you’ll like it.           You can also follow Graffiti Walls Londn via INSTAGRAM @graffiti_walls_london_

....if you have found this website via Google you can consider that as a miracle.....even a search engine can't find it....

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I do not ignore or take part in any form of vandalism, trespass or criminal damage to public or private property. All the photographs presented are legally accessible.  If you would like to use any of my photos (from the website which are presented in the lower resolution or if you need higher resolution photos) please let me know by sending me an email to:

SUPPORT ARTISTS not copy and paste, think and create artist by buying their art work ... do not misuse photos for any commercial or any other purpose....

"Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable"

G.B. Shaw